26 December 2006

The AP's Jab at Combat Deaths

Speaking of reading news so that there is time to reflect upon it, here’s the take from what will be a morning headline on the 26th of December in the States. (I’m so lucky to have access to it already…I feel so on top of the situation.) The headline that defeatists have been waiting for is here, courtesy of the AP (article author Larry McShane):
Military Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9/11 Toll
Gee, thanks for that! But the story goes far beyond just “reporting” that simple arithmetic, even beyond giving a short explanation of who gets counted in each number (which the article does do).

The author chooses to give very short biographical blurbs of three men killed in combat actions (two by road-side bombs, one by a sniper) reflected against their connection to the 9/11 attacks. Each instance ends with the death of the military person.

Now, I don’t know if it was the author’s intent, but it sure made me feel as if there were nothing in between 9/11, these men enlisting and their deaths. There is what I perceive as a time compression, on purpose, to suggest that what began on a Tuesday (9/11) ended in their deaths on Thursday. There are, seemingly, no developments in the actual interim. There is only attack, counter-attack, and the death of our fighting men, nothing being accomplished through their sacrifice.

If this is what passes for reporting, it is no wonder that the US faces defeat due to the loss of its will to fight, its will to defend itself against all enemies. I hope that I can find, in the next few days, some matching article which sheds more light on what these men and women who have sacrificed their lives have accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t think I’ll be able to find this short of thing in an AP article, however.

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