23 December 2006

Note on Faith

A little note on faith today, especially appropriate as it is Christmas Eve. No matter how commercialized tomorrow may be or may become, it still is a religious holiday.

So, I was doing some morning reading, and I came across an article from the Times (UK), via Real Clear Politics, in what I assume is the editorial section. One paragraph stood out in my opinion:

True faith should not be a source of conflict. Faith should instead be a force for cohesion — social, spiritual and ethical. Religion that is perverted to become akin to a totalitarian philosophy is no true religion, but a politicisation and distortion of faith. That is what is wrong with extremism and intolerance, whether it be al-Qaeda killers who murder in the name of Islam or the Ku Klux Klan that trumpets its “Christian” values.
Extremism and totalitarianism are all around today, and not where the Lefties and Multi-Culties think (or hope). The big, pink elephant of ultra-politicized, death-loving Islam is continually cast as the “victim” of the Western world, and the list of “grievances” is long (and laughable).

Extremism of any kind is just plain wrong, no matter what clothes it wears…even those of the anti-religious secular house of faith.

But all that big-picture stuff aside, faith really is about the self and communication with God, not about what the human interlocutor says I have to do to get to the flavor of heaven he’s pushing. So to my self, and if anyone is reading, to you, I say to lead by example, and to hold others to their example. If they practice extremism, it’s pretty obvious what their agenda is. (Hint: it has nothing to do with religion.)

Merry Christmas.

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