09 January 2007

Comments on the Agenda

Some thoughts on what’s been kicked around in the press recently concerning Democrat’s agenda, especially in the House.

House rules reform: Probably a good thing, though I still find it wickedly funny that they couldn’t even hold a press conference about the issue because of the bellowing of Sheehan. Perhaps rules don’t matter when you want to run?

Hike the minimum wage: Just a move to say that they’re “helping the working person.” In all actuality, the measure will probably just hurt high schoolers looking for a part-time job, which, at the higher rate, employers will have fewer of.

Just say “No” to Social Security reform: They’ve already taken private accounts off of the reform table, so what’s left to do is to raise taxes and (quietly) lower benefits. I could care less about the benefits – I already plan on never seeing a dime from Social Security – but it would really bother me to pay more is taxes for them. Anyone who doesn’t see higher Social Security tax for what it will be (funding for other things) probably believes that there is a giant account with lots of money in it now with a Social Security label on it.

Pull out of / Stop funding Iraq: Unable or unwilling to use terms like “surrender” or “we lose” openly to the public in general, Dems will euphemistically talk about “redeployment” and “over-the-horizon” to try to ease the jagged pill they’re pushing down the public’s throat. Hopefully it will not work.

It’s going to be an interesting year, or 100 hours. I wonder when those will begin… If you’ve looked at the Drudge Report this weekend, you know it didn’t begin on 8 January.

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