03 January 2007

The Ugly Voice of Sheehan

A day before the Congress begins session with Democrats in control, the “grass roots” have begun their crusade.

Incidentally, it shouldn’t be called a “session” at all; it’s more of a vacation and fund-raising interruption for the Congressmen. Is there any wonder why these people can’t compromise on things, important things? It’s hard to reach any common ground with people you don’t spend a lot of time around. (But, that’s just my uneducated point of view…I may very well be wrong.)

So, here we have Representative Rahm Emanuel being shouted down by Cindy “My son was killed in Iraq so I can do anything I like” Sheehan and her folks while trying to have a news conference about rules reforms in the House. Even though these rules may help the cause that Sheehan is pursuing, I suppose it’s all or nothing for those who profess to only want one thing. They want the troops home.

Actually, they want three things, noted in their chant: "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now.” I suppose they only mean troops from Iraq, though it may be that they really want all US troops home, within the confines of the US…presumably so that they can be held in check by those enlightened folks who would see the US become the neutered chambermaid of Europe. But that’s a topic for another time. The other two points are interesting, de-escalation and investigation.

It can be argued that initiating an Iraq front in the war against whack-job Islamists was mistake. I think, rather, that the Bush administration did a really poor job selling it because it relied so heavily on WMD evidence instead of going for the more obvious (and documentable) gross human rights violations committed between 1990 and 2003 by Saddam and Sons. However, that’s the only “escalation” of hostilities I can see that the Bush administration pursued.

I would submit that since the sprint to Baghdad, there has been a great desire by all those involved on the US side for a “de-escalation” of hostilities in Iraq. Somehow, neither Bush nor the Pentagon (nor the State Department) has been able to pull that off (because, in my opinion, they waged a touchy-feely war in the beginning, allowing the enemy to fade and hide instead of killing them). Perhaps Sheehan is barking up the wrong tree here in the US and needs to have a chat with all of the fighting parties within Iraq. She could invite Iran and Syria as well. The only way that the Democrats in charge of Congress can “de-escalate” this fight is to not allow our troops to fight at all. (Foreshadowing.)

The second part of the chant, investigate, is a pretty easy one to guess at. Investigate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Libby (wait…that’s already been done), etc. Find what they did wrong, or better yet, where they lied and deceived the world so that Bush could get his war in Iraq and quench his blood-lust. It was all about oil, after all. And all about avenging the assassination attempt on GHW Bush, really. And really about giving Haliburton a huge contract. And really all about not fighting in Vietnam.

If we’re going to hop in the way-back machine, let’s blame GHW Bush and Powell for not finishing the job in Iraq the first time and for leaving the majority of Iraqis hanging after the First Gulf War (thereby sealing the fate of Iraqi public support for the 2003 war).

But all of that is beside the point. Sheehan and her “grass roots” folks are just out for blood…and they see this as the chance to get the blood they want. What they fail to see is that, in doing so, they will make Washington an even less hospitable location and apparatus for bright young people with ideas and ideals to work within.

Hopefully the ugly tide of Sheehan will pass without any real impact. We shall see.

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