04 February 2007

Environmental Tag

Just a few thoughts and links on the latest report to come out of the UN on climate change. It says that global warming is "virtually certain" that our world will get hotter in coming years, and that the cause is "very likely" human activity. Those two levels of certainty relate to 99% and 90%, respectively.

Neal Boortz gives a good inventory of reasons to be a skeptic about global warming.

J.R. Dunn provides a very interesting discussion of the (necessary) apocalyptic bottom line of environmentalism.

And Mark Steyn lends his voice to the skeptic chorus with his usual wit and cynicism.

A few things stand out in all of this talk. One is the reportedly irreversible nature of climate change...it's all our fault, and now that we "know," there may be nothing we can do about it. It's all so alarming, and it's meant to be.

Without all of the alarm, levels of spending on global warming will remain constant or fall. And really, at the bottom of this, global warming is a business. Al Gore is just one of the more visible chairmen of the warming board. And there’s lots of money to be made from this…more, I’d wager, than Lefties claim that Haliburton will ever make from Iraq. Lots more.

And, that's not to say that being more "environmentally friendly" is a bad thing. I'm all for taking care of the land that we have, of making it possible to sustain growth without trashing our environment. It makes sense all on its own; taking care of the environment doesn’t need to be lead by a howling mob of Chicken Littles. Alarmism abounds, and there’s nothing like unbound emotion to create poor solutions to problems.

What really worries me that some (the loudest, the easiest to be heard) seem to believe that the only way to "accomplish" environmental awareness is to scare the Hades out of people. If fear is the only way to motivate people, then we’re all set up to be duped by politicos of all creeds who are ultimately working for their share of the spoils.

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