26 February 2007

Flights of Fancy

CNN.com has a story on at the moment which suggests there may be an announcement by soon-to-be Academy Award winner Al Gore that he will run for president (again). Of course if this were to happen, there would be no better place to make the announcement, as the “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth will probably win at least one Oscar and has already made Gore the pope of the church of global warming.

Additionally, the New York Post has a piece which waxes romantically about what could have been if Mr. Gore had actually won (or been awarded, depending on point of view) the 2000 presidential race. In the ever-continuing saga of the recount bout, there is conviction among the devout that, as Mr. Core says himself, he “used to be the next president of the United States.” That supposition has not run out of gas. Articles such as the one from the Post easily attribute amazing clarity to people like Gore in “what if” scenarios where all of the mistakes of the Bush administration are avoided (or never come to be). We are asked to believe that if only someone like Gore were elected, then things would be much different…beatific even.

Real problems and real solutions, however, probably surface outside of Hollywood constructs romantic fantasies and strict political dogmas. Regardless of whether or not global warming is really happening and who is causing it, things can be done to reduce energy use. One does not have to become a global warming convert to believe in energy conservation. One does not have to participate in the self-flagellation of “humans are to blame” to feel that there are things individuals can do to use less energy. Enshrining and empowering Al Gore and the church of global warming will not create a world without worry, a world without the presumed problems of climate change or the real problems of Islamic terrorism, the war in Iraq, nuclear proliferation, etc. To think they will is to buy into political quackery.

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