04 February 2007

Post Super Bowl Thoughts

I'm thankful that I actually got to watch the Super Bowl live, uninterrupted, etc. The only down side was the lack of American commercials, but I'm sure I can catch them somewhere on the web, if I really care to spend the time to find them.

As a near-Chicago native, I really wanted the Bears to win. But, as a Hoosier by birth, having Indy win is just fine as well. At least most of the game was entertaining...most of it, anyway.

The one thing that really impressed me was the half time show. I didn't care at all for the Cirque Du Soleil portion (which, from what I've read, may have actually been part of the pre-game...which we didn't see down here in Australia, and it was very refreshing to miss all of the pre-game talk, and rehashing, and talking about rehashing; if only the Cirque had been left out, too). It all seemed more than a little out of place to me.

Prince, on the other hand, was exactly what was needed for a good half time show. Unlike some other past performers, he obviously did not lip-synch. He actually played his guitar, and well. He looked like he had a great time, and, let's face it, lots of people in their 30's and 40's remember Prince well, liked Purple Rain when it was out, and still like Prince. His performance says a lot about him...class act, and no wardrobe malfunctions.

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