10 February 2007

Tune Out, Turn Off, Speak Up

The “true believer” abounds in the world as it is presented by the media; the loudest voice gaining the most attention, unfiltered, unquestioned, and, at least tacitly, justified.

The pseudo-science, neo-religion of global warming equates skeptics with Holocaust deniers as it defies being held to the scientific method it claims to represent. Al Gore and the UN have succeeded in creating a mantra for the masses to follow, but no one knows where it will lead – no more than anyone can accurately state how warm or cool the earth will be in a century. Yet global warming is an accomplished fact…a political fact.

The “peaceful” religion of Islam daily contradicts itself with physical demonstrations of its inability to find its play nice with others. While there are certainly peaceful believers of Islam, they are rarely represented – the “true believer” being the better media sell.

Multiculturalists would have us believe that all cultures are equally worthy of reverence, that all things cultural must be not only tolerated, but given reverence. That is, unless speaking of Western, Christian culture. The contempt thereof is largely unspoken, but clearly evident in attempts to elevate non-Western cultures above Western cultures within Western countries, and all in the name of tolerance. Radical multiculturalists do not greet opposing points of view with tolerance.

And then there’s something called “Loose Change,” a “documentary” which I will not watch. It purports to tell the “truth” about 9-11. From what I understand, it’s a conspiracy theory, or a collection thereof, attempting to create a grandiose “explanation” to what is really a simple event. Though I had never heard of the “documentary” before this week, it’s in its third remake…distributed widely over the internet. The power of media.

Besieged by the above, it appears that even level-headed people eventually buy into them. Global warming has become fact, in the socio-political tent if not the scientific. Multiculturalism has engulfed much of the West, particularly academia and public schooling. The media reminds constantly that most Muslims are peaceful (which is probably true) and couple that message with events demonstrating otherwise. At some point, violence will demonstrate peace. 2+2=5.

These are bad ideas – very bad ideas – which are given daily publicity, fed to us in the hope that we will buy in, that we will either become believers ourselves or will tire of fighting the message. And these feeding is just a ratings gatherers. We are fed the exciting, the violent, the loud voice because television and the internet know what sells. Perhaps something can be taken from the 60’s mantra, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Perhaps moderates everywhere should “Tune out, turn off, speak up.”

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