05 March 2007

Easy Being Green?

It’s easy being “green” as long as everyone ignores it. In response to the recent revelation of Al Gore’s energy consumption (link), a story has resurfaced reviewing just how environmentally friendly G.W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford was (and is - link). Crazy thing is that G.W. looks good in comparison. How did that happen?

Just a guess, but it probably has something to do with Bush’s attitude toward doing the right thing, even if it costs more. Now, I’m not defending everything that Bush has done during the course of his presidency by saying this, but there is a lot to be said for doing what makes sense on many levels, not just what is economically sound. I would bet that Bush could have saved a ton of money by not thinking environmentally with regards to his ranch house, and that’s the point.

And unlike Gore, who will dodge living his message as long as he can afford to buy carbon offset credits (or whatever he chooses to sell them as…yep, sell them, not just buy them), it appears that Bush took this “green” route without public prodding, at least as far as I’ve seen. Also unlike Gore, who can seemingly do no wrong when pushing the dogma of global warming, I’ll bet that Bush doesn’t get a lot of positive press about this revelation. Seeing as the story has been out there since 2002 and is only now being recycled, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

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