01 March 2007

March Morning

It's the morning of the second of March. Just a few random thoughts to start the month off.

Here in Australia on Sunday, a program called "Cool Aid" will ask folks to test their carbon footprint and, hopefully, give some good pointers on how to consume less energy. I can't wait for it to come on only because then I won't have to watch the promo spots, which are wildly alarmist. "We're killing the planet," one of them claims. I'm all for less energy consumption, if for no other reason than to lower dependence on other no-so-friendly governments. The Chicken Little attitude of the global warming church is starting to tire me. And, no, I don't think that the Aussies get the "Cool Aid" reference. As an American, it makes me laugh inside every time I see it.

John McCain announced that he's running for president. Surprise. He made the announcement on Letterman. Whoopie. I really hope he doesn't win the Republican nomination.

Gore may run as well. Yeah. He could use another house to heat and cool. $20k a year on his home(s) isn't enough. Green?

It's been raining all week here in Newcastle, and it looks like more rain next week. Here's to the drought ending and more prosperity coming to those who work the land here.

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone, and my beloved Blackhawks didn't make a big move. They didn't even make a move I was hoping for. When it's the 'Hawks, though, there's always next year. And next year.

So here's to March. Start of a wet season in Australia? Beginning of the end of a long season in Chicago? Middle of a mad season in politics? Certainly no Kool-Aid for me, thanks.

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