06 April 2007

Just Another Simple Truth

I just finished watching a little 5-minute video of a "debate" between Bill O'Reily and Geraldo Rivera on O'Reily's show (video link). The subject is an illegal alien who, after 3-4 alcohol realted arrests, finally kills someone in a DUI incident. I got the link from Boortz's site, and he does a quick analysis of the "debate".

It's funny how things work in a heated discussion like the one linked above. O'Reily can't make a simple point about illegal aliens being deported on a first offense (or a second, or a third) and gets totally cranked up. Rivera, on the other hand, can't make a point at all, but does so in a very loud manner. He consistently shifts arguments: it doesn't matter that the man was illegal because citizens get DUI's too, there are X number of DUI's in the state so this one is not special in any way, "we" lured him and others to this country so it's really all "our" fault, that O'Reily is urging citizens to go door-to-door to hunt down illegals (he wasn't), and (oddly) O'Reily should apologize for spotlighting the mayor of this town unfairly.

None of those spurious arguments trump the fact, the undeniable fact, that the offender here was in the US illegally and committed other crimes before his latest, fatal crime. Additionally, while many DUI offenses, and indeed many fatal DUI happen, to citizens, this offender is not a citizen. Therefore he has an additional level of legal process above all others: his status in the US. This basic issue should have been prusued when he first broke the law...not after his 4th or 5th offense, and a fatal one at that.

All of Rivera's "reasoning" is simply an attempt to deflect from this simple truth: illegal aliens are not citizens and must be treated, legally, as such. That doesn't mean there is license to treat illegal aliens inhumanely. It does mean that, first and foremost, illegal aliens - indeed all people within a nation's borders - must have their status within the country examined. If they are in the US (or any other country) illegally, they should be deported. And, in my opinion, they should be tried in absentia and informed that, if they return to the US, they will serve double their sentence in a not-so-nice place.

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kmb said...

I guess I think that people in the country illegally should be examined on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions should probably be made in cases where the person is committing crimes (other than that of being in the country illegally). It seems like a waste of resources to me to deport otherwise honest people who are giving it their all (and paying taxes, i was surprised to find out!!), and trying to make a better life for themselves. People who are breaking the law should go, though.

Both O'Reilly and Rivera give me hives.