03 May 2007

Thoughts on Fred Thompson

Just a quick thought on something, or rather, someone. I’ve read a few articles by and watched one interview with Fred Thompson. I’ve also seen some headlines which (not verbatim) say things like “The Effect of Thompson” and “Thompson the Next Reagan”. I don’t think these kinds of articles matter much.

What matters much more, I think, is how it appears that Thompson makes an effort to speak plainly and in a straight-forward manner. One article he penned concerned the NFL draft and personal character. While some in the comments section bemoaned the pedestrian nature of the article, I thought when I read it that it spoke volumes about Thompson’s character. Sure he was talking about sports, but taking the analogy just a few steps shows what Thompson feels is important in people. Talent without ethical foundation is ultimately self-defeating. At least that’s what I got out of it. It’s something that needs to be said, over and over again, and Thompson found an effective way of getting the point across.

What’s more, I got the impression that he probably wrote the article(s) himself, without too much editing by some “operative” and certainly without any filtering. Quite refreshing in a time when it seems that every sound-byte length statement made by any politician has to be pasteurized to the point of sterility…or virulency, depending on the whackiness of the intended audience. I hope that Thompson continues to speak clearly and plainly, and generally for that matter. In doing so, he’ll do more to show the electorate what he believes in and how he might lead.

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