18 June 2007

Ban Ki-moon and Assigning Blame

Sometimes I read a headline and I think that the text below it cannot possibly support the headline. Today’s example is a headline on Breitbart.com: Climate change behind Darfur killing: UN's Ban. It’s a headline ripped from an op-ed piece by Ban in the Washington Post. In the op-ed, Ban makes leaps from higher temperatures in the Indian Ocean to disrupted monsoons to drought in sub-Saharan Africa to genocidal “conflict”. And of course, these things all have a root cause “at least in part” of human-induced climate change.

According to Ban, the solution to this “conflict” is part political dialog between groups and part sustained economic development.

But I have to wonder just where these routes will go. Economic development alone is a sink-hole for Western taxes. Years of funding the Palestinian state apparatus (from Arafat onward) did nothing to bring about change. In reality, funding this terrorist state-in-waiting gave legitimacy and longevity to an idea and vision which still calls for the destruction of a sovereign state, Israel. Economic development in oil-rich countries in the Middle East has done between nothing and very little to create politically open societies. Economic development in China and India has done more, if one buys the whole CO2 theory, to speed along the very “climate change” that Ban says has caused the conflict in Darfur. Economic development is not an answer in and of itself. Obviously, Ban is not saying that it is, but…

Peoples who are at war with each other, or in conflict to use the more gentle term, will only agree to peace when they are forced to or when both sides are weary of fighting. I do not pretend to know enough about the situation to make a judgment on this. But certainly there must be a stop to fighting and a prolonged demonstration of peaceful coexistence before any economic aid beyond subsistence aid should be given by any government. Anything other than this is simply a bribe in return for calm. And while that bribe may keep places outwardly quiet for a bit, they will, in time, explode in more violence and hate.

Without political changes supported along with basic subsistence aid, any and all money being poured into Darfur and Sudan will do worse than maintain a false air of civility. Witness the implosion of the Palestinian political structure, so long funded by the West in return for “peace” without regard to its well-publicized genocidal vision.

And I don’t buy the tie-in with “climate change” here. It smacks of directly pinning the Darfur genocide on Western industrialized nations, a point which Ban clearly alludes to in his op-ed. The audacity of this notion is astounding: it isn’t really the murderers in Darfur who are at fault; it is “at least in part” the fault of the industrialized West. Without a shot, without urging any action, the West has participated in this atrocity. What logic! What or who gets blamed next?

Damn those dinosaurs and their laying around being compressed! This is all their fault.

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