27 June 2007

Collier Moving Day

After 3 weeks on Nobby's beach, Newcastle, the Pasha Bulker looks to be removed over the next few high tides. That's good news for those of us that use the beach year-round.

It looks like just about everything that could be done to keep the various petroleum products from damaging the beach has been done. Hopefully they'll get her re-floated without breaking her up. But regardless of the final outcome, a lot of good work has been done to correct what appears to be an accident which was fully avoidable. Lesson learned: when warned of impending danger and given a remedy, take the remedy.

(As an obvious side note, the previous statement could be taken too far. I'll not list the various "impending dangers" which popped into my head immediately after writing it.)

But some folks feel that this was just the opportunity to highlight the dangers of the coal export. According to the Brisbane Times, "Greenpeace activists staged a protest against coal at the salvage site, beaming messages against the ship's hull including 'Coal causes climate change chaos'." What was that I said about "impending dangers"?

[Photo poorly taken by the author, 10 June 07.]

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