26 June 2007

E-Mailing My Senators (27 June)

The following is an e-mail I sent on this date to Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn regarding the re-introduction of the "immigration reform" bill. I encourage everyone to e-mail his or her government representatives often. Casting a vote isn't enough.


Thank you for voting against cloture on the latest edition of the immigration reform bill (S 1639). As I’m sure you have much on your plate at the moment, I’ll keep my comments short.

I believe one of the important reasons many who favor the rule of law are against this bill is because there is a significant and justified lack of faith that our federal government with regard to this issue. Folks simply do not believe that the government will live up to its promise of doing anything meaningful to uphold the law when it comes to illegal immigrants. There is a track record here which cannot, and should not, be ignored.

And therefore, as the Senate prepares to debate amendments on this bill, one thing should be kept in mind: if the Senate embraces the “rights” of illegal immigrants and denies the will of legal US citizens, it does so at the peril of irrecoverably losing the trust of the citizenry.

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