16 June 2007

E-Mailing My Senators

The following is an e-mail I sent on this date to Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn regarding the re-introduction of the "immigration reform" bill.

I encourage everyone to e-mail his or her government representatives often. Casting a vote isn't enough.


As a Texas resident living overseas, I have a bit of a different perspective on immigration. I have gone through the immigration process to work in Australia, a country which does not look kindly on immigration law breakers. The legal visa route was not particularly difficult, and since I've played by the rules, I am allowed to work and live without worry. I fully believe that this is the right way to do things: obey the law, wait for the process to move, and obtain legal status.

As the "immigration reform" issue is re-introduced in the Senate, I hope that you work hard to defeat this measure. We do not need more immigration law when current law is not enforced. Indeed, when current immigration law enforcement isn't even really attempted.

At the very least, I hope that you are able to work in strong language to accomplish the following:
- deny any visa or citizenship route to illegal immigrants who have committed a felony or three misdemeanors,
- allow time for a full background check of each visa applicant, not the 24-hour period in the current bill,
- make achievement of border security benchmarks mandatory before the issuance of a single "Z visa",
- end so-called "sanctuary cities", "catch-and-release" policies, and other practices which flagrantly break with US law.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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