05 June 2007

An Example Not to Follow

Today someone read to me something astounding. It is perhaps the most astute self-explanation of pop-culture attitude ever. I simply must pass it along.

“In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make.”

Whose comment is that? Paris Hilton. I wish I was still blissfully unaware of her existence. But as modern media makes it impossible to escape such “personalities”, I can at least take a few minutes to point out such amazing, hilarious and saddening statements as the one above. Why does anyone pay attention to her?

Please go back and read that statement of hers again. In some ways, it really does make sense, though only in explaining where some of the “decisions” of those like Hilton come from – nowhere sensible. They are simply the physically mature expressions of an inner child acting on impulse.

And yet this is the type of person held up by media as “someone to watch”, as if the train wreck of her life is an example of what is normal. I find it especially troubling because I believe it has the potential for greatest influence among those young enough to be molded. What’s more, if that same young person is free enough from proper adult direction, they may not recognize the Hilton example as horribly flawed. That young, impressionable person may see the example of Hilton, shown day after day, as normal adult life. Young people are the ones, indeed, who need assistance to actively decide to emulate someone other than the likes of Hilton.

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