29 June 2007

Why Britain?

A quick thought on the defused bombs in Britain on the 29th of June. There will probably be a whole slew of “why would this happen now?” questioning going on over the weekend. But the why is rather simple, I think.

Gordon Brown has just taken over the reins of government from Tony Blair this week. Tony Blair was steadfast in his belief that al Qaeda and those like them must be fought vigorously. It remains to be seen if Mr. Brown will hold the same line. How better to sway this new leader, if you’re a member of al Qaeda and Associates, than to give him the “welcome gift” of a few car bombs? It worked in Spain. That’s the why.

And I don’t want to predict doom and gloom here, but I would expect the same type of thing to happen in the US in early 2009. When new leaders take the oaths of office for president and vice-president there will in all probability be an attempt by those who hate us to influence them shortly thereafter. They will probably use their favorite tool: the true believer willing to die in as big of an explosives package as possible.

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