06 July 2007

Random Friday Thoughts

Gordon Brown won’t use the term “war on terror”, which is a good thing – it is really a war against a very specific type of foe: Islamo-fascists. Unfortunately, Brown won’t use that term either, as terrorists can’t be referred to as Islamists or Muslim. I suppose the nice men who attempted to car-bomb Britain recently are just health-care workers “going postal”. If we, their targets, just treat them nicely…

Tomorrow will witness a supremely self-congratulatory spectacle. Never has so much contrived importance been so over-hyped and ritualized. More on that later.

100mph in a Prius on drugs. Nothing a stint in rehab can’t make disappear for a bit. What’s the carbon offset cost involved here?

Senator Biden declares that President Bush is “brain dead”. Thanks for the enlightened, reasoned conversation. That’ll add much to the national political debate. Now that I think about it, there might just be a chance that his tidbit about Bush – as well as comments about Giuliani and Romney – need context that the press reports aren’t including. I really think, though, that Biden was just spitting the dummy. As a member of Congress, he belongs to a legislative body with a lower approval rating than Bush.

Podcasts are wonderful things. Anyone with a decent internet connection can download radio shows and listen at his leisure. I listen to two fairly regularly now. If I had more time, I’d listen more. Thankfully, it’ll be a stretch for the “fairness doctrine” to kick in on this medium.

Enjoy the weekend.

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