16 July 2007

Worst Jobs

Last night, my wife and I happened on one of those shows that just must be watched called “The Worst Jobs in History.” It’s a British show, but anyone who has a decent sense of history – and even those who don’t – can appreciate the lengths the host, Tony Robinson, goes to try all of them out. And as the website says, the show doesn’t focus on the upper classes when it comes to jobs, either. Every class is represented.

So if you were not so well-off during the Stuart period, you might become a plague burier or a dog and cat killer. If you wanted to be close to the king in the Tudor period, you might become the Groom of the Stool.

The outlandish nature of some of the jobs depicted in the show made me wonder just what would be the worst jobs in a modern, industrial nation. (Insert old Chris Rock joke about crack-whore here.) But really…what might they be?

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