01 August 2007

All Over the Map

I’ve really tried not to think too much about the next presidential election so far, and have resisted the urge to write much about it. I read a fair bit, I’ve watched a couple of the debates, I’ve listened to commentary about the debates as well, but it all seems way too early to put too much effort into it.

In the last few days though, I’ve had to do a few double-takes on what Senator Obama has said, particularly with respect to foreign policy. During the “YouTube” debate, he quickly and forcibly said that he would meet, without preconditions, leaders of rouge states (North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran). Then I read this morning that he would send troops into Pakistan to take out high-value targets as long as there is actionable intelligence.

The long and short of these stances is that he would make light and friendly with those who pledge to do harm to the US and its allies (Iran repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel). He would offer himself up, as president, to possible/probable manipulation through propaganda while making nice with these rouge states. Then he would use military force inside of what can best be described as a dictatorship which is at least helping the US in the war on terror, even as that dictatorship pushes its fate within its own borders. And that doesn’t even begin to broach the nuclear issue.

I won’t touch on the domestic at the moment. That’s another whole can of worms and worm-dirt.

It’s all naïve at best. Folks who think that Bush’s naïveté has damaged the US would do well to think about the effects of someone like Senator Obama on America’s standing in the world. We now know what to expect – he’s told us in plain language.

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