08 August 2007

News Disconnect

Just a quick thought on life without ready access to news. The only news that I've looked at since I left Sydney has been a quick glance at Druge earlier today. I gather that a lot of rain has fallen in the New York / New Jersey area. Otherwise as far as I know nothing of note has come and gone.

I thought of this yesterday when, in a jet-lagged haze, my wife mentioned that if anything big happened in the world, we wouldn't know. While that probably isn't exactly true (we both have cell phones - someone would have called us), it's also not really a bad thing. I really don't need to know what is going on from minute to minute, or from hour to hour, in the world.

That leaves lots of time and space to think, to live, to consider, to talk and to relax. It's been odd living a little more disconnected, but it hasn't been bad. Perhaps I'll have to pop a self-imposed filter on my internet use and television consumption. Perhaps less is more. It sure feels that way at the moment.

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kmb said...

a media diet is a wonderful thing, in my opinion. i just get so tired of all the sensationalizing of the good AND the bad. it gets a little overwhelming. (i heard this morning about the disgusting practice of internet hunting and i got grouchy all over again). i'm still doing my daily news scan of the biggies i hit, but in general i'm letting my mind be filled with other interesting stuff (the evergreens of the pacific northwest and forensic analysis of crime scenes -for the novel-, and the simpsons... ahh, simpsons!). it is a good feeling. i hope you enjoy your self-imposed filter for as long as you can stand it. :) (blog about art and books and music in the meantime)