13 August 2007

One Week In

In my media black hole (which ended today…I am re-wired now) there are probably many big, huge, momentous things happening and I’ve missed them all. That is until I turned on the news, fired up Drudge and got reconnected. Some important, some not so. But here are a few things that I’ve noticed in the week that I’ve been back in this great land.

There are a lot of obese Americans. Stunningly so. In fact, I’m not shocked by the headline on Drudge that says America is slipping down the scale in life expectancy. Not shocked at all. Just one aspect of America that needs a serious paradigm shift, I think. But maybe that’s just me.

Food here is cheap, and I mean really cheap. (Portion sizes are huge, probably in some weird ratio with the cost of food. Here’s for more expensive food.) But seriously, we were paying as high as about $11 dollars for a kilo of bananas in Australia, which can be linked to some serious storms there. But still, $11 is a lot of money. Yesterday bananas were on special at a local store, three pounds for a dollar. I, of course, bought some. I didn’t a single banana that cost less than a dollar while in Australia. Here I’ve eaten three in the last two days and still have change left over. I’ll have to investigate more to see if the trend continues. I think it will.

The roads are wide, especially here in Texas. The parking spots are as well. We bought a pretty small car, and yet I could probably park 1 ¾ of the model in just one of these parking spots. In fact, just about everything seems roomier in the States. I don’t think this is directly related to my first point in any way whatsoever.

OK, a little bit lighter type of post to be sure. Perhaps I’ll get more serious in the days to come as I am tempted to become re-saturated in both what I would like American culture to be about and what it really is.

And just as a parting shot, the best line I’ve heard in the last month or so comes from the Dennis Miller radio show: “I’m not saying nothing about nothing until Petraeus gets back.”

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