31 July 2007

Thoughtcrime in Modern Times

What follows is a quick list of Orwellian thoughtcrimes in our world today, in the broadest terms I could come up with.

- Speaking disparagingly about certain groups of people based on lifestyle or religious beliefs may be called “hate speech.”

- Stating that a lifestyle or belief system is immoral or of lesser moral standing than one’s own can be labeled as “hate speech.”

- “Disrespecting” religious or cultural artifacts of certain groups does hopscotch between “hate speech” and “hate crime.” The determining factor may be the level of “disrespect” shown and how offended a member of the religious or cultural group is at the moment.

- Disbelief of a theory walks a fine line on the edge of “hate speech.” If the theory is perceived to involve the fate of the whole human race (read: “global warming”), then denial, or even skepticism, of the theory may eventually become “hate speech.”

- A “hate crime” involves any violence or perceived violence against one or many who may be considered as part of a selected group or minority. The violence may be physical or mental. Eventually, the definition of “violence” may stretch out to include financial and social aspects. The "hate crime" portion of the act, however, is above and beyond any real or perceived violence; it goes to the mental activity or attitudes which are believed to be within the person.

- “Hate crimes” may be committed against animate or inanimate objects.

That pursuing and prosecuting “hate speech” and “hate crimes” is even more elusive than wars on drugs or terror is obvious to me. Whereas, generally speaking, “normal” criminal law punishes actions, laws against “hate speech” and “hate crimes” attempt to punish thought. The roots of these laws are in politically correct culture, where language has been bent and manipulated so as not to offend. The step to criminalizing thought is the flower of the PC plant. Putting the inner-workings of the mind on trial is a critical step towards totalitarianism. The end result, what is hoped for, is thought control.


Melissa said...

Yes, but don't forget that Christianity doesn't seem to fall into that category. As we've seen on numerous tv shows and in print media it seems to be perfectly ok to disparage Christians but God forbid we say something questioning certain aspects or adherents to Islam...

Bob M. said...

Didn't forget about it, just didn't want to bring it up in particular. Though I did stray from the general when I refered to "global warming".

The reference to a hate crime against an inanimate object actually refers to the recent story of a person repeatedly throwing a copy of the Koran in a toilet. You guessed it: hate crime.

Some animals are more equal than others, to quote Mr. Orwell.