25 August 2007

Three Kinds of People

This is just a quick thought that I had while I was walking home from work yesterday. The route home took me through a park where I've been trying to get myself back into an exercise routine, and I had been thinking all day about things to say to students as they enter my classroom this coming Monday. (Side note: I'll be teaching freshman English, so it's a bit of a work change from Australia - though I have been a teacher before.)

So as I walked through this park, I longed for the fitness group that I belonged to in Australia. It was very easy for me to get motivated for exercise when someone else was planning the activities and all I had to do was show up. And given my constant thinking about the first day of school, which is rapidly approaching, it occurred to me that I really like to have three kinds of people, specifically identifiable people, in my life to help me grow: one each for the body, mind and soul.

Not to get too philosophical, but I think that those three aspects cover everything and most people can't cover those areas themselves in a way which enrich and expand. Outside perspective is needed. It's not that I know this, but I certainly perceive it as I move from day to day, from activity to activity. And I hope that, as I move through life, I provide for one of these roles to some folks and that I'm fortunate enough to have them filled for me - and that I seek out good folks to rely on.

Enjoy the weekend.

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