01 August 2007

Two More Things I'll Miss

Just a quick note, as I continue to make my exit from Australia, on a few more things that I’ll miss.

These two are linked, but only in that they are both about food and drink. I’ll miss what seems to be an endless string of non-chain restaurants. I’m not talking about fast food joints, but rather sit-down restaurants. Whereas in the US we have what seems to be the standard set of chain restaurants in a given area – most of which are fairly consistent and deliver a predictable menu (which for me is a good thing), Newcastle offers owner operated, single site joints, each with its own menu. From my limited travels in the country, other cities have much the same thing. I’ll miss the restaurants greatly.

Related to the restaurant aspect (and somewhat closer to my heart) is the ubiquitous coffee shop. And while there is really one major chain coffee shop in Australia (and it’s not Starbucks), I rarely go there. But I’ll pop into just about any coffee shop for a flat white and a sit-and-read. Most have outside seating and serve deserts or small snacks as well. They’re great pit stop places, spots to enjoy a good cup of coffee without all the over-commercialization that the chain store offers.

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Melissa said...

Yes, being in the land of the chain restaurant is a little strange. While it's good to see some old favorites, I have been spoiled by the Aussie cafes and have said to Mom once or twice already, "Back in Australia, OUR restaurants..." ha ha.