02 September 2007

3 Days Over Iran?

I just read a blurb on FoxNews (encapsulating an article from the Times of London) that the Pentagon is reportedly putting together a 3-day plan to destroy Iran's military. That's a pretty tall order in my mind. And all done with air power. No need for ground troops - and it's a good thing because I'm not sure the military is up to holding the swath of varied terrain between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

So I have to ask myself, do we need to eliminate the Iranian military at this point? I don't have enough information to make a good call on that, but I think it's a valid question. Here are a few other questions before action:
- What happens if airstrikes don't annihilate the Iranian military?
- What happens if airstrikes do annihilate the Iranian military?
- What happens if Iran descends into civil war?
- What happens if ground forces are required (or viewed as "prudent") after the airstrikes?
- What will be the coordinated response of the State and Defense Departments after such attack...or before for that matter?
- How many other countries can be called upon to provide "logistical support" (and thereby tacit approval)?

Iran is no small bite to take in any way, shape or form. Not many people realize that the US and Brit air forces spent from December 1999 (Desert Fox) to prepare the battlefield in northern and southern Iraq. We already controlled much of Iraq from the air. Afghanistan under the Taliban didn't stand a chance against the US led forces.

Now I'm not saying that the US (or to put an inclusive, multilateral stamp on it, the "international community") should not do something about Iran. Sanctions, gas embargoes, public and private divestment of companies that do business in Iran...all of these things take time. If we have the time then we should let them work and press them harder all along. If we don't, then it's another story.

But beware the three-day diet. I hear the yo-yo effect is a real bummer.

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