03 September 2007

Australian Communist Protestors Say the Darnedest Things

In the run-up to the APEC conference in Sydney later this week, New South Wales security folks set up a barrier around parts of the business district in the city. In response to these security measures, Peter Symon, a spokesperson for the Communist Party of Australia, is quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald as follows:

"The Great Wall of Sydney is a wall of shame and a testament to the disastrous and anti-people policies of the capitalist leaders of APEC," Mr Symon said in a statement today.

"The anti-democratic laws, the violent water cannon, the open threats against protesters and the imposition of restricted zones have robbed the people of Sydney of their city.

"These abuses of our civil liberties must be resisted."

The article also states, “he [Symon] has called on all Australians to "stand up to the intimidation of protesters by the NSW and Federal governments".

Now I admit to having no idea what that last quote is supposed to mean. Stand up to whom? Why? Who is being intimidated? But back to the other quotes, I just have to laugh when someone from any communist party claims that the laws of representative democratic countries are somehow “anti-democratic.” It’s even more laughable when coupled with the claim that capitalistic policies are “anti-people.” Never mind the quite real “anti-people” and “anti-democratic” histories of the two largest communist nations in history – China and the USSR.

John Howard got much closer to the truth of the matter here, as he tends to do when he speaks plainly, by clearly stating that the wall and security was required not because of who was visiting but because of who was protesting – and more importantly, how. Economic conferences all around the world are magnets for violent protestors…all claiming, of course, to want very badly to save the world from the real devils out there – the capitalists.

Here’s a hint for all those folks who can’t seem to convince anything approaching 51% of their local populace that real representative governance and capitalism are not, overall, forces for the betterment of people: move to a communist country. And I mean one that doesn’t dabble in the evils of capitalism at all (or its bourgeois appetites), which counts China and Russia out. North Korea, perhaps. Oh, wait, that would be a solution, and there’s nothing these wacky protesters want less than a real solution.

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