12 September 2007

From Congressman to General

And I mean the above title as a transformation, not as a direction of communication, though that is a more accurate statement of the factual events. The headline on Brietbart.com paints the picture quite clearly: "Surge a failure, Democrats tell general."

As some have pointed out, one of the oft trumpeted failings of Washington during Vietnam was how the war was run by politicians and not the generals. Fast forwards thirty-odd years, and we magically have Senators Biden, Boxer and Dodd attempting to tell a four-star general what the reality of his theater of war is, as if he doesn't know. One wonders just how they've gained such keen insight into the situation on the ground in Iraq. It's not as clearly based on reality. Maybe it's just a gut feeling...they know.

What I gather is that after years of the wrong strategy being applied in Iraq, this one is working. Give it all the time it needs. If it fails, if we fail, at least we failed while doing our best, doing what is right. The Demo-Generals simply want to run...and what's more, they want that because they promised the left-wing "net-roots" that they would (as long as a euphemistic term gets slapped on it, like "redeployment," which even some Republicans use now). Again, their desire is not based on reality.

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