06 September 2007

Getting Ready for Another Anniversary

Tuesday will be the sixth anniversary of 9/11, and there's already talk about the "what ifs" of that date. The story running on FoxNews has the headline: Bin Laden to Address Americans on Sept. 11. Drudge is running: bin Laden Plans News Video for 9/11. Every news site on the web has the story up, I'm sure.

Here's what I think - for what it's worth. Islamofascists will attack whenever they get the chance. If they have a good plan, have an opportunity, see a weakness and have the means, then they'll take a shot. I don't think anniversaries mean much when it comes right down to it. It's more a way to, especially on a date like 9/11, to yank the chain of us Yanks. It's an opportunity to get everyone all wound up, nervous, and hyper-alert...but not necessarily for any good reason.

That being said, I hope I'm right.

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kmb said...

i agree with you and i hope you're right, as well. i was just talking to someone yesterday about the suspects in custody in germany. the news is aflutter about possible attacks being planned for 9/11 and i think it's kinda dumb. i mean, it goes without saying that everyone will already be hyper vigilant and alert, why on earth would people wanting to do harm strike at such an inopportune time? doesn't it make more sense that they would strike at a time when people WEREN'T expecting something to happen? i don't know, i'm not a terrorist or a criminal, and the cynical part of me feels the flames of hysteria, fear, paranoia and sensationalism being fanned the closer we get to 9/11... the media needs to feed, you know.