01 September 2007

In Class and Temporarily Off the Web

Apologies to the folks who read my humble blog from time to time. This past week saw the re-starting of my teaching career - and all of the joyous headaches that come with the first week of having students in the seats. To boot, our internet connection died on the 29th of August. The diagnosis is an "external line problem" that has knocked about a 4 square block around our place offline. Hopefully it will be corrected before the long weekend runs its course.

Anyway, thanks for reading when you can. Enjoy the long weekend, and I'll be digging into Obama and Romney and what they've written soon.


1 comment:

kmb said...

i meant to post a comment back when i originally read what you'd written about the first week of school. i hope it went well. what subjects do y'all teach? i imagine you must be a fantastic teacher. maybe i never said it before, but way to go. :)

and speaking of teaching, i hope your family is well!