28 October 2007

Dare I Say?

Former senator John Edwards jumped on the “give something back” in the name of “economic equality” bandwagon this week. His latest plans are to create a “West Point for teachers” and create “a universal pre-K program to get kids ‘on track.’” He also said he would create a “college for everyone” program, whereby students who take preparatory courses and stayed out of trouble would have their first year paid for. It is, after all, all about the children.

But there’s something about universal programs – as anyone who has read this blog before will know – that strike me as just plain wrong, and lazy as well. Mr. Edwards’ plan would have kids in government run schools earlier. Note the pre-K program would be universal, which probably means that the curriculum would be standardized and attendance would be compulsory. What’s more, his plan of “college for everyone” would keep “everyone” in school longer. And just what will all of these children (or men/women-children by the time they get out of college) do for their 21-22 years of education?

If that doesn’t smell like a hyper-extended adolescence, I don’t know what would. The giveaway is that Mr. Edwards wants to fund these things federally. The pre-K and one year of “free” college, one could reasonably expect, would be extended over time. If I, as a student, don’t have to pay for college, then college becomes cheapened. It turns into a “right.”

And how might this educational machine keep moving? Well, the engine would be the “Education West Point” idea. No better way to standardize, check-list-ize, and sterilize the art of teaching than by creating a central educational training facility. There’s something about this that smells of – dare I say – communism. I’m not saying that Mr. Edwards is a communist, not by a long shot.

What I am saying is that with Mr. Edwards, as well as with the other major Democratic nominees, there is a noticeable tendency toward dishing out programs and benefits at the expense of realized capitalistic drive and ambition. That, in my estimation, is socialism leaning toward communism. Remember, it was Marx who said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” Tax the mean, nasty rich; give to the masses. It is a plan to power.

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