12 October 2007

Ignoble Nobel

For many folks, awards such as the Grammies, the Oscars, the Golden Globes and a host of others, have become empty vessels of predictable PC nothingness. In my opinion, Nobel has in some instances become the same thing. Take Jimmy Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize nod in 2002. Carter hadn’t been the engineer of anything rationally peaceful since Sadat and Begin signed, and lived up to, a peace treaty. Or take Yasser Arafat’s win in 1994 for supposedly building peace with Israel. Intifada anyone? And then there are the wins by Kofi Annan (2001) and Mohamed El Baradei (2005). Perhaps ElBaradei’s is somewhat legitimate, but Annan, as head of the United Nations, did more to keep unstable, even volatile, peace than to build lasting peace. At least he let people make a pretty penny in the process.

So this morning’s news of Al Gore’s Nobel Prize wasn’t all that much of a shocker for me. By his own admission, he is saving the planet. We are in grave danger, you know. Everything is melting, the seas are rising, hurricanes are a continual hazard, pestilence, famine, etc. So for Gore, the best way to fight this foe is to…make a movie. And not just any movie, but one which must now be “accompanied by materials explaining the film's inaccuracies” when shown in British schools (Wired News). And that by court order.

But Mr. Gore did not only make a movie, he also promoted it tirelessly. In doing so, he added to the “problem” of CO2 emissions by flying hither and thither to save the planet. But it’s all in the name of “educating people” and he really did it “for our children’s children’s children.” Never mind the facts here – he’s saving the planet, man.

And then there’s the whole carbon trading thing, which brings to mind Papal indulgences of long ago.

So of course Mr. Gore is the perfect candidate for Nobel this year. His “plan” will get the planet nowhere, but at least he’s making a boat-load of money in the process, much like Arafat and Annan (though at least Annan only let others make boat-loads of cash that we know of). The difference, I suppose, between the three is that Arafat took his money out in the open, and from governments (which is, by extension, from the people of Western countries). Annan allowed a sort of money recycling through the oil-for-money scam.

Gore is swindling millions and doing so right out in the open, in a personal manner. He’s a huckster selling the idea of “saving the earth” to millions of poor, misinformed, self-interested people who need direction, who need a monumental cause to believe in. Gore’s choice of “global warming” or “climate change” is a perfect fit because it fights against a largely invisible foe with weapons that make money – for some people, at least. What’s more, the fight will never end, and that too is by design. Climate changes. That is a simple fact. Therefore fighting the change can go one endlessly. For ever and ever.

Which brings me to my final point. In creating the cult of “climate change,” Mr. Gore has in effect created a secular religion. It has its own dogma, its own hierarchy, its own commandments. It also, now, has its own true believers. There’s nothing peaceful about a mob of true believers.

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