16 October 2007

LtGen. Sanchez and the Media

Headlines last week shouted what retired LtGen. Sanchez said in a speech to military journalists about how President Bush handled the war. From the little that I read about it last week, it appeared that LtGen. Sanchez took the opportunity to blast the Bush administration for the usual list of grievances concerning Iraq: poor planning, not enough troops, and interagency fighting.

And then, this morning, I read a column by Jack Kelly and found out more of the story. Seems that LtGen. Sanchez spent more time and words addressing how the media reports on the war, and he was not too happy about it. I have to agree with him – reporting on the war is abysmal and needlessly politically driven.

There appears to be much more coverage, in drive-by style, of sensational singular occurrences than of the overall situation, let alone the strategies and such being pursued. It’s another instance of the American people being judged as too dumb to understand the overall situation in Iraq and what the strategy is. Or perhaps it’s an extreme instance of, as LtGen. Sanchez says, “corrosive partisan politics” propagating itself through new and old media to drive an ideology instead of reporting without bias.

Either way, and as has long been claimed by some, the American public has been and is being taken for a ride by most of the media; political bias is in the driver’s seat and emotionalism is the copilot. Rationality and common sense have been left behind.

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