09 November 2007

Bali: Hub of Climate Change

Just in case there wasn’t enough hypocrisy involved in the “climate change” storyline, here’s some more to pile on. The UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Bali in December. Not wintery New York – or what could be expected to be a wintery New York – but sunny Bali.

As others have pointed out, it is more than a little hypocritical for “climate change” true believers to hop jets and fly (and most likely in business class at least) half way around the world to have a rah-rah for saving the planet. What carbon offsets will the UN by buying for this junket?

It underscores what a charade the “climate change” gurus are perpetuating. It is not about saving the planet; it is really about money and lifestyle. I’m obviously not talking about a “green” lifestyle, either. If the UN Climate Change Conference truly wanted to show its concern for the planet, then perhaps it would hold a massive video teleconference. How much carbon would that save?

But in the name of “saving the planet,” these yahoos (and I mean that in the true Swiftian way) will travel across the planet just to sit down and simultaneously wring hands and congratulate each other. It’s a scam. Indeed, these folks will live as richly as possible for as long as they can soak others for the bill. But what else should be expected out of the UN?

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