24 November 2007

Not Reproducing

I just couldn’t help writing a little something about the article in the Daily Mail from the 21st about a woman, Toni Vernelli, who refuses to reproduce and is very proud of it. She reportedly had an abortion the one time she thought she was pregnant and then had herself sterilized thereafter. This all happened about eight years ago. (Which makes me wonder just why it is in the news now.)

My initial reaction to reading the full article was a mix of disgust and desire to write something quite mean in reply. But then it hit me: this type of person will take care of herself. By not reproducing, this woman and those like her will mark the end of their own beliefs. The only way to keep the vision of not reproducing alive (so to speak) is to recruit others to the cause. It is remarkable to think how much self-loathing must be present in a person to convince himself or herself that putting an end to the family tree is a goal to be pursued. And pursued, no less, to save something that cannot be enjoyed after the saving act. All other things aside, at least the Jihadist has the belief that something better awaits him in the afterlife. Mrs. Vernelli and those like her will never enjoy the thing they are attempting to save. Some folks might think this as the pinnacle of selfless acts. I see it as the height of self-hatred.

As Mark Steyn reminds us, “demography is destiny.” At some point, Mrs. Vernelli and those like her will wilt and wither. The key for those of us who do not share her method for stewardship of the planet is to ensure that she and those like her have as little influence as possible on public policy.

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