18 December 2007

Of Information and Single Issue Voting

As the presidential race (finally) begins to lean towards meaning – in terms of votes – there is going to be increasing volume concerning the candidates. Unfortunately, this volume doesn’t necessarily equate to usable information.

To get a better picture of each candidate, it’s useful to get information directly from them. Foreign Affairs has an excellent series of extended essays written by the candidates themselves. In them, the reader should get a fuller picture of what America might be like if (insert name here) were to be elected. I’ve read through most of them and commented on a couple. I hope to read the rest of them over the Christmas holiday. The only (now) serious candidate that hasn’t written an essay for the magazine is Mike Huckabee, but I think that will be published in the Jan-Feb 08 edition.

Which brings me to another point – single issue voting. While I don’t think it is my place to tell anyone what to do, especially with reference to voting – there is one mistake that I think perhaps too many people make, and that is single-issue voting. The idea that candidate (insert name here) doesn’t have lock-step views with me on (insert single issue here) so I will never vote for him/her is quite small-minded in my opinion. Leadership is not about single issues. Leadership is about vision, veracity and tenacity.

Decisions as important as a vote should not be made without the best information, a good understanding of positions (as many of them as possible), and full consideration. In what seems to be a sound-byte world, making a decision is a difficult task. But it is one required of us should we wish to maintain our form of government.

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