28 December 2007

Stand By for More Bad News

The murder/homicide bombing of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan is a rude reminder of just how ugly the motives of some highly motivated folks really are. In the closing moments of a year when it appeared that the fight against the barbarity of Islamic fascists turned a corner, Ms. Bhutto’s death presents a new complication, a new, open front in that war.

I’m no expert (obviously), but nothing good will come of this in the short or medium term. In the long term, perhaps this one act will open up for attack the tribal areas in Pakistan which need some serious “spring cleaning”.

But for the time being, I’m braced for more bad news to come from Pakistan. I hope and pray that our trusted government leaders have, as is reported, long ago taken steps to secure Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal – though that program is not be something that I would want “exposed” by the New York Times or 60 Minutes. Securing that arsenal, in my opinion, is the most beneficial thing the U.S. can do in the short term to assist the rest of the world as Pakistan goes through the necessary convulsions following Ms. Bhutto’s assassination.

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