09 January 2008

Iranian Boats and Dress Rehearsals

This week, Iranian fast boats took a run at three US naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz. The act came just before President Bush left for a tour of the Middle East. US officials have called the incident provocative and have even said that the Iranians showed “hostile intent” – or at least came close to it. Reports also show that the Iranians dropped boxes in the water and made radio calls to the US vessels. One radio call I heard on a TV report had the Iranians (presumably) saying something akin to “you will blow up.”

I’m no expert here, but I would guess that the Iranians were conducting a dress rehearsal; they wanted to see how close they could get to the US ships and what reaction various acts would receive. Don’t be surprised if something akin to this dress rehearsal results in shots fired.

1 comment:

Chan said...

Dress rehersal is exactly right. Not the first time either, but you never heard about it back before 11 SEP.

And now the media is acting as if this is something new. Short memories and the "End of History" and all that jazz.