23 January 2008

So Long, Senator Thompson

Looks like I’ll have to find someone else to vote for on March 4th. I was hoping that Senator Thompson would still be around then, when Texas holds its primaries. But honestly, given his performance in the early states, the loss in South Carolina was pretty predictable. One thing about the compressed primary schedule is that it allows for a lot of “change” (I just wanted to use the buzzword) but does not, it seems, allow for late entry into the race. Perhaps Mayor Giuliani will buck that trend.

Instantly after the announcement, there seemed to be hints floated that Sen. Thompson would make a good VP nominee. I’m all for that. A Giuliani/Thompson ticket? That might be a winner. McCain/Thompson might help ease worries that Senator McCain is too liberal domestically. Romney/Thompson seems a bit repetitive, but might work as well.

Though perhaps I should not think of such things. It’s a long way to March 4th and I may not have many choices left by then.

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