15 January 2008

Two Thoughts on a Tuesday Primary Night

Two quick things, both about the Republican side of the house.

First, Gov. Romney looks to have won the Michigan primary tonight, and I have to admit that it seems like he did a bit of pandering to win. During the most recent debate on Fox News, Gov. Romney made much of his plan to give federal aid to remake the auto industry in Michigan. While it has come out since that Gov. Romney would attempt this "remake" through R&D projects and such, it smells to me of a federal bailout. I'm no expert (far from it) on Michigan politics, but I don't know if it is the federal government's role to cure the woes of Michigan's economy. Big earmark there? Perhaps. Good enough for near 40% of the vote in the state (at the time of writing).

Second, I'm not sure when Gov. Huckabee started channeling Senator Paul. Gov. Huckabee's speech (he came in third in Michigan) sounded more like a libertarian than anything I've heard come out of his mouth yet. Small government and private industry...keep the government out of raising the family...protect the borders and keep the country safe and let people live their lives. Wow. If anyone has known all along that Gov. Huckabee harbored such strong libertarian sentiments, please email me the article or web address. Seriously. I'm quite interested if these attitudes have a history or if they are a new phenomenon for Gov. Huckabee.

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