23 February 2008

Another Small Sign of a “Do-Little”

In the Democrat debate on Thursday night (which I admit I didn’t watch), Senator Obama claimed that some troops being sent to Afghanistan “didn’t have enough ammunition; they didn’t have enough Humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander-in-chief.” He was told this by a captain in the Army, who “later told FOX News that in fact he and his platoon were fighting near the Pakistan border with only three Humvees, one of which had no doors and no roof.” The captain reportedly told Mr. Obama his story in 2003.

Which leads me to this question for the would-be president: in the last five years, what has he done about this claim, which appears to be of utmost importance now that he’s running for Commander in Chief? What has he done in the past five years to address this captain’s complaint? If this captain is one of Mr. Obama’s constituents, wasn’t it Mr. Obama’s job as a senator to take up the cause of his constituency?

My guess is that Mr. Obama did nothing and would have continued to do nothing about this story. The only reason that it is coming out is that he is 1) beginning his national campaign against John McCain, and 2) covering his previous anti-war and anti-military (though I’m sure he “supports the troops” and all) rhetoric so as to appeal to more centrist voters.

It’s a sham, though, and should be easy to see through. Mr. Obama, if he really cared about this captain and the plight of his troops, should have done more five years ago, or four, or now, or now, to fix the problem. That he didn’t speaks more to his character and “vision” than all of his soaring, hopeful speeches.

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