12 February 2008

Be Wary of the Supporters

I had to search around and find the actual link to believe it, but here it is. If you care to, you'll only have to watch the first few (15-ish) seconds of the news story. One of the campaign offices for Senator Barack Obama has a Cuban flag with Che Guevara's face emblazoned on it right behind a desk of a campaign worker. (If the video goes away, here's a shot of it, and another blog shot of it.)

Now, some might think it's nit-picking or taking a pot shot at Sen. Obama. But when folks support two people at the same time - in this case Guevara and Sen. Obama - one should ask why. Taking the easy way out by saying that it's just one worker or that it's the "t-shirt" variety Che is wrong, I think.


einheri said...

I think you are entirely correct in saying it is not the T-shirt variety of Che. Clearly this is not a hidden camera special or anything of the sort. Based on what I saw in the video, the workers in the office clearly knew news teams were coming and thus they either truly support Che, or do not think it is a big deal. Its convenient placement in the video (nothing important is happening in the clip just workers standing in the office) almost makes me believe it was intentionally left up or placed there for news crews, possibly to gain the support of that constituency. Just my personal speculation, for which I have no proof. It just seems odd to me some how. After all there is little else hanging on the office walls besides the flag.

Bob M. said...

Thanks for the observation. I to agree with your thoughts here, including that the office might be trying to send a message to a perspective constituency.