01 February 2008

Newsspeak at the Debate

The insistence of both Senators Obama and Clinton on not using the term "illegal immigrant" during last night's CNN debate was quite maddening. It is as if illigal immigrants have not committed a crime by entering the country without permission. And it's not that the two Democrat candidates can explain that away...they simply side-step it as if it did not exist.

Instead, both continually called them "undocumented workers" who are being "exploited" by companies. Both insinuate that these companies are evil - what with their profits and their desire to hire efficient workers at the lowest cost permissable. (Note: I'm not defending the companies too much here, but as a group, they are not as evil as one would be lead to believe.) And in the end, according to the two Senators, it's the desire for a better life, so they say, that really pulls people to America.

Both would have us embrace "undocumented workers" because after all there will be fines paid (or waived), folks will learn English (or not), and then we can just forget about the whole legality of the matter (which they already have).

Say what you will about Senator McCain and his "comprehensive" immigration reform (which was not good legislation), but even he has realized that the electorate doesn't believe anyone in government who promises to fix the whole problem at once. The two remaining Democrat candidates haven't seen that light, and any plan they propse will end, I fell, in amnesty, open borders and 20 million more illegal immigrants in the not so distant future.

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