08 February 2008

Sharia in the West: Not With a Bang

It has been reported in This is London and the Times Online that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has said publically that the UK accepting or incorporating Sharia (Islamic law), or at least parts of it, are “inevitable.” In doing so, according to the Times, he used phrases like “plural jurisdiction” and “constructive accommodation,” though “extreme punishments” under Sharia should not be allowed.

Maybe it’s just me, but “plural jurisdiction” sounds like “pick your law” to me. It is one nation under two rules of law, which can’t be good for the whole. I would tend to agree with Culture Secretary Andrew Burnham, who said,

"You cannot run two systems of law alongside each other. That in my view would be a recipe for chaos, social chaos. British law has to be based on British values. If people choose to live in this country, they choose to abide by that law and that law alone.”
But I have to wonder what a Culture Secretary is, what he does, and if part of this whole “accommodating” thing, however constructive, stems at least in part from that bureaucratic being.

The most effective way to break a state, I think, is to fracture it from the inside. Clearly divided social groups which do not follow the same rules, the same laws, appears to be a powerful way to split, and ultimately shatter, a nation. From a Western point of view, just the concept of creating division is counterintuitive. Throughout Western civilization and over many years, there has been a push for equality and for equal treatment. That a group would want to be “separate but equal” doesn’t quite make sense.

Or it doesn’t until the motives of those who want it are taken into account. Giving Sharia parity with national law is a tool to divide. The purpose, I must conclude, is to break the nation as it is – whatever nation that is. The result will not be a plural equalities or blissful accommodations. Like Mr. Brunham, those who push Sharia realize that there can be only one law of the land. We Westerners must keep ours for all of those who live within our respective borders or we will watch our laws and our culture fade before our eyes.

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