16 February 2008

“Take On” All Money-Makers

Senator Hillary Clinton listed a slew of institutions she’d “take on” if she were to become president. She (using the first person plural pronoun) claims that she’ll take on the following: oil companies, credit card companies, insurance companies, drug companies, Wall Street, and student loan providers. All of them, voters are to believe, are either making too much money or cheating Americans out of a better way of life. Senator Clinton’s solution – the standard Democrat response – is more government confiscation and regulation. Free markets be damned.

My favorite inclusion on her list is the student loan. If there is one self-inflicted, emotional response generating, haven’t heard this before aspect of the list, it’s the idea that somehow super-predatory student loan companies are hobbling young people everywhere by forcing student loans upon them.

The college myth – founded on the idea that the American cream equals a higher salary – is admittedly pushed by just about all facets of our society, to the point where students who really have no business going to college many times end of there anyway. It is, after all, the way to the American dream, after the singer/model/sports star route fails. Going to college, then, is a must.

So Senator Clinton would hammer on these predatory student loan companies, presumably for offering money to pay for the very thing that so many people push as the panacea of today’s American dream. The backdrop here is that college must be for everyone, it must be affordable without financial pain for the individual, and it must lead to a better life. A college education, I submit, either does not or should not necessarily do any of the three. For many, it is another empty promise and extension of adolescence that is simply not needed. Student loan companies – of which the federal government is the biggest – subsidize these things.

Somehow I doubt Senator Clinton wants to “take on” student loan companies or any of the other evils listed above. She really just wants to demonize targets with her Edwards-esque populism. It’s empty.

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