25 April 2008

The Company One Keeps, Part II

I expect this will become an ever-growing series. Frontpage is reporting that Hatem al-Hady, once chairman of the KindHearts “charity”, is a fundraiser and friend of the Obamas. KindHearts “was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen.” KindHearts is a spin-off of the Holy Land Foundation, which was also closed by the feds and whose key players were charged with multiple counts including providing material support for terrorists.

As far as KindHearts goes, the Treasury Department press release claims:

“In addition to providing support to Hamas in Lebanon, KindHearts reportedly provides support to Hamas in the West Bank.”

“KindHearts founder and president Smaili told a Texas-based associate that his organization was raising funds to support the Palestinian Intifada.”

“Mohammed El-Mezain, who coordinated KindHearts' fundraising, is a former [Holy Land Foundation] official indicted by a federal grand jury in Dallas, Texas on charges of providing material support to Hamas.”

So through al-Hady, Obama has links to folks who fund terrorists. More terrorists. Don’t’ forget about the FARC article from last month. And his willingness to meet without preconditions with Ahmadinejad. And his two-step regarding Mr. Carter’s ego-centric diplomacy-of-one with Hamas. And his long friendship with Mr. Ayers, the former and still unrepentant Weatherman. And his 20-year attendance in the pews of Mr. Wright.

It all adds up to a man – Mr. Obama – who was anointed without being vetted. Obama-maniacs swooned over his smooth manner and the media largely ignored any and every non-slogan aspect of his candidacy. Now the Democrat party may well be stuck with someone who is wholly unelectable.

With the kinds of company that Mr. Obama keeps, one wonders what kinds of advisors he would have as president. An Ayers? A al’Hady? What is awfully scary is that our country may end up stuck with a man who is quite suspect. Our country might end up with a president who really does want to fundamentally change our country – and not for the betterment of what regular Americans call freedom and liberty.

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Anonymous said...

I want to know when Obama will finally be forced to repudiate his other unacceptable relationship--and I'm not just talking about Rev. Wright, either.


It's high time someone holds the man's feet to the fire for these irresponsible and unforgivable associations!