17 April 2008

Food or Fuel?

I read the following on Boortz’s website and I just had to post it here. The source is the Telegraph, a Brit paper / website.

“The UN says it takes 232kg of corn to fill a 50-litre car tank with ethanol. That is enough to feed a child for a year.”

Just so the reader won't have to do any math in public, that's 511.5 pounds of corn to produce 13.2 gallons of ethanol.

Granted, I’m not really happy with the source there (the UN), but the statistic is quite intriguing. The false dilemma here is: do we drive or do we eat? The real question is how might the West best fulfill its energy needs? Does it make sense to use food to produce fuel? And, as an extended question, how much land should be devoted to “growing” fuel? What is lost and what is gained by taking food from its common purpose – feeding life – and using it to feed objects?

The Telegraph article has it right when it says, “world intelligentsia has been asleep at the wheel. While we rage over global warming, global hunger has swept in under the radar screen.” Global warming is the messiah…I mean the most important thing! In my previous post about pollution in China, a comment From Jack N. made essentially the same point. He commented, “Water pollution is old news…Circa 1970's I believe…The do-good\environmental wackos have cleaned up\protected all the water sources on the planet!”

I say beware of the environmental soup du jour. Beware even more when it appears that everyone, even those who ought to know better or who are usually quite skeptical, jump on the scientifically suspect bandwagon. Very little good will come of it.


Jack N said...

What I find truly mind boggling is the fact that the UN and other liberal fascists seldom, if ever, admit [concede] that an error[hoax] has been made [perpetrated] and take a stand to correct said error [hoax].
They have extreme difficulty making rational choices and historically have just compounded the hoax by piling on more crap. The endangered species act and GLOball warming [now known as climate change] being classic examples!

kmb said...

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