07 April 2008

Random Monday Thoughts

The United Nations is a joke, and a tired one at that. The AP reports (IHT article) that, “Arab and Muslim countries defended Tuesday a resolution they pushed through at the United Nations to have the body's expert on free speech police individuals and news media for negative comments on Islam.” Welcome the international thought police. It would serve the reader well to know that the UN Human Rights Council was meant to replace an actively anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian human rights board. The change was in name only. Which begs the question: if a body is demonstrably unable to reform itself, what is to be done? Should the US and other Western democratic republics fund this body?

An example of a possible human rights violation that the UN Council might want to look into involves thugs attacking students and teachers at a high school in Sydney. Students were injured – thankfully none seriously – and property damaged. No word on the identity of the five attackers who were arrested, which makes one wonder if there’s something about their identities that, well, might make the PC-inclined squirm at whole episode. Incidentally, there are serious anti-gun laws in Australia. Thugs will always find weapons, baseball bats and machetes included.

Senator John McCain has said that his economic policy regarding the home lending crisis would be more “hands-off” than his Democrat rivals. "It is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers," McCain said, according to the Seattle Times. And this is the guy who says he doesn’t know much about economics? That might really be a plus for him, and good for the country. More and more government intervention is not the answer.

General Petraeus will report before Congress this week. There will be more grandstanding and moaning from Congressmen who oppose the war in Iraq. Senator Clinton may say, again, that she has to suspend disbelief to listen to the General (if she can make it past the sniper fire). Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi will doubtless claim that they know more about war fighting and peacemaking than the good General. An electorate grown weary of bad news from Iraq may look for some more signs of hope, or reasons to leave and let the house (of cards?) fall. If Iraq has only one far reaching political effect, I hope that somehow we as a country come to a recognition of and agreement on the process for going to war; one which makes this continual “looking backward” less politically expedient.

That being said, I hope that General Petraeus’ testimony to Congress and to the people can be heard unvarnished and unhindered by political opportunism.

Thanks to the Chicago Blackhawks for a great season. In recent years, what can be called meaningful hockey – playing for a playoff spot – has been over after the first 2-3 months of the season. That Blackhawk fans were still talking about the playoffs as a possibility in early April was just fantastic. And thanks to new owner Rocky Wirtz, all games will be televised in the local Chicago area next year. Again, just fantastic.

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