05 April 2008

What Is “Climate Change” About?

I have to ask myself the above question every time I see an advertisement or a news story that claims that I – me, the singular person – can help “solve” climate change; I can “save the planet”. Is it a call for me, the individual, to internalize what Al Gore has made into his own pseudo-religion? Can I, the individual, be a mini-messiah, following the lead of the uber-green messiah Gore?

The thing is that when science and money collide, some fishy things happen. Mr. Gore has recently spearheaded a new “climate change” ad campaign to the tune of $300 million. The website associated with this campaign has an interesting logo – a “we” in a green circle, but the “w” is actually an inverted “m”. Me, we…all the same; me/we as part of the crowd, one of the self-chosen ones. Buy in. It only takes a minute to save the planet. All for the low price of $300 million.

When I see that price tag, I have to consider what would motivate a person or a group to spend so much money on something that cannot at this time be (really) proven and despite all evidence to the contrary. (I realize, as well, that the previous statement makes “climate change” sound even more like a religion, at least to a cynic.) The reason, I believe, must be either that there is more money in the prescribed “solution” or that there is a big power grab afoot. Or both. Carbon trading and offsets equals cash. Mr. Gore serving as a “climate czar” in an Obama administration equals power. Both are probably in the $300 million equation.

Yet there is recent evidence of temperatures edging lower. (Same evidence, different outlet – for those who are Fox News adverse.) What does this mean? Well, to the unscientifically inclined person like me, it seems the core message is one that leads away from manmade global warming. Sorry, “climate change”. There’s more to the climate changing than Mr. Gore and his followers would want us to believe. Perhaps $300 million can keep the blinders on.

As I said last year, global warming became – or rather was transformed into – “climate change” specifically to hedge the bet that the earth’s temperature would continue to rise. It hasn’t, but Mr. Gore and his band of believers got ahead of that game rhetorically. As long as the climate does in fact change, they can be perceived as being in the right. That our climate will indeed change ad infinitum, Mr. Gore can kick the “climate change” can around all he likes because every phenomenon fits his “theory”.

And as I’ve mentioned before, politicized science creates far more problems than it can ever solve. Mr. Gore’s politicized pseudo-science-religion is not about solving problems. Indeed, it appears to be a money and power grab; a maneuver made all the more effective by the now-established manipulation of language, the result of which is “climate change”. Up or down, Mr. Gore is calling the game, and he has $300 million on the table.

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